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Vlad Loshk is an independent video producer and the owner of VLVideo Studio Productions. VLVideo was founded in 2001 in the city of Spokane Washington, this gives the business over 10 years of professional experience in the field… and it really shows! Today the business has relocated and is based in Charlotte North Carolina.

We Are Creative VLVideo Studio Productions

The world without videography will be meaningless to us if there is no light and color, which opens up our minds and expresses passion.

Vlad specializes in production of documentary and cinema films, but he does not limit himself to just that. His videography career begin with wedding cinematography and when opportunity arrives he shoots extraordinary wedding films. He also produces photo montages, promotional and website videos, corporate presentations and much more. He has always had a passion for his craft and is always looking for the next innovative idea to take his video productions to the next level.

Other video production services he offers include video editing and online video hosting. VLVideo Studio Production offers High Definition Blu-ray and USB.

Vlad is committed to his goal of providing a superior quality video productions and friendly customer service, all while adding that “personal touch” he is known for in the field of professional videography and filmmaking.

My style is a combination between journalism and fine-art videography with a touch of fashion and creative lighting. My videos are inspired by light, color, techniques from creative perspective, and of course, most importantly, the personalities of the people I work with!

We invest all our professionalism, commitment and care.
We are based in Charlotte, NC. We do weddings all over the Southeast. Let's talk about saving your date today.

➤ Why video? Sight, sounds and emotion. Movies… today’s wedding videos are no longer just moments recorded on tape. They can be edited and produced. They can have music to enhance the moment, slow motion, black and white. Video brings you closest to reliving that day. It brings it to life over and over again. The question is not “if” you should have video any more …… video is fast becoming a must at all weddings. The only question is: Who to choose and how do you find the right videographer for your day.

➤ Capturing a wedding on video used to mean bright lights, cables, and microphones. But technology has changed, bringing smaller, more light-sensitive cameras to today’s wedding videographer. No longer is it necessary to have huge obtrusive cameras to capture “broadcast” type footage.

➤ There are basically two types wedding video productions you can choose from. One is a documentary type production; the other is more of a cinematic type production. The documentary type video delivers just as it states… your wedding day as it happened, in real time. Editing is minimal. The videographer will shoot the events as they happen and deliver a format that will allow you to view your day as it happened. Very little editing is involved. These types of productions are normally less expensive and can be delivered in only a few days after the wedding.

➤ The cinematic type video delivers more of a “movie” type of production. Although it can be shot with one camera, most good cinematic wedding videos are shot with two cameras(or more) allowing one videographer to focus on the “events” as they happen while the other gathers footage that will later be used to enhance the production. Some videographers spend as much as 25 – 30hrs of studio time editing these types of videos. Some companies offer both styles with their packages …. A documentary style production of the day, along with a “cinematic” type video or “Short Form” video. These types of productions will take longer to receive because of the extensive editing that is done with the footage.

➤ Start soon. Most good videographers shoot on average one wedding a weekend. Book them at the same time you book your church, hall, photographer, etc. Normally 9 – 12 months in advance of your date. Never settle on the first video you see. Go through the process…eliminate all doubt.

➤ Most established videographers have something on their websites for you to view and information about their packages. Don’t ever scratch anyone from your list yet because of price until you’ve seen the work they produce. View the work of the least expensive videographer ($500 – $700) in your area and the most expensive ($2000 – $5000) in your area. It will give you an idea of what kind of work is delivered at those prices.

➤ If you follow this system you’ll assure yourself that you will have a video you’ll treasure forever.


We invest all our professionalism, commitment and care.
We are based in Charlotte, NC. We do weddings all over the Southeast. Let's talk about saving your date today.

➤ We often find our professional video production staff play a leading role in helping organisations develop their marketing identity and to deliver key messages designed to differentiate you from your competition and to generate substantial revenue.

➤ If you need to stand out and are looking for a creative, professional video production company with proven marketing ability to help create your new image – please contact us for a free quotation.

➤ Professional video recording of live events takes specialist skills. In a “one shot” environment you need experienced videographers who really know their stuff with advanced filming and interviewing techniques.

➤ Our team know how to prepare for these live events and to capture the shots that matter.

➤ We do all types of work from interviews, conferences, training sessions, meetings, sports events and weddings.

➤ Your video production will be professionally edited as a wonderful recording of the event, or developed as a promotional DVD for future events or fundraising purposes.

➤ Our professional Directors and crew take special care with your training video’s to make sure all major concepts and messges are carefully delivered with maximum impact.

➤ Human resources workforce video’s include clips for team meetings, conferences and events. Have some fun at your next event. We can help you to script some funny sketches or parodies designed to get everyone laughing and build team spirit.

➤ One of our most successful events is a team building video – script and shoot a team video in one day. Have teams compete to develop the best video. All participants have a role in production – videographer, sound recording, makeup artist etc, and also an on-screen acting part – tons of fun and a team building event that really works.

Light composure
We invest all our professionalism, commitment and care.
We are based in Charlotte, NC. We do weddings all over the Southeast. Let's talk about saving your date today.

Types of video production:

Recording & Editing

Corporate Video Production – advertising, infomercial, promotion Live Events – conferences, training, interviews, press releases Training & Workforce – training materials, practice techniques Team Building – make your own team video Documentary, Lifestyle programs and Short Film

Video Production output to:

Online, Blu Ray – customers and conference playback PC Video Files – presentations and embed in powerpoint slides Web Video Clips – websites, blogs, podcasts Streaming Video – websites, conference.

Freelance Videographers:

1/2 daily and full daily Rates – discounted for long schedules Interviews – 24 hours notice Documentaries Events – on call, any time, anywhere.

Photo & Video

VLVIdeo Studio Productions is an established company providing high quality wedding films capturing every special moment throughout the day. We also provide a photography service specializing in All Weddings. These services can be booked together or individually.

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